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Digital Workplace, Communication Hub

ETL CONNECT: improving communication between offices and connecting with customers

The customer and his challenge: the case of ETL GLOBAL

ETL GLOBAL is the first international group of professional tax, legal, audit and consulting services for SMEs and middle market in Spain and Europe. Of German origin and faithful to an orderly growth strategy, it has more than 50 years of experience and is present in more than 50 countries.

At present, the group has 140 offices in Spain with more than 1,000 professionals. So how could the group’s different firms improve communication between offices and offer secure environments to connect with clients and continue their expansion process? With a Digital Workplace with Intranet and mobile application that provided modern tools and access to content for the group’s partners and professionals: ETL CONNECT.

The results

30,000 visits per year

Users of the 140 offices have adopted the solution to keep up to date with the group's news and find everything they need in their daily lives.

73 shared events

Training and corporate events are shared through a global agenda that facilitates access to content and enhances participation and knowledge.

464 news published

In the last year, internal communication newsletters have been generated to inform and receive personalized feedback for each of the group's offices.

10,000 content searches

The corporate search engine facilitates the location of people and documentation to improve collaboration between professionals in different offices.

More communicative environment

The mobile and Intranet link with all associates has developed an agile and segmented communication according to the interests of each professional and his or her work office.

More accessible and secure documents

The internal Document Manager solution and the external Client Portal allow you to efficiently and securely manage shared documents without the need to exchange emails.

“The rapid growth of the group and, consequently, the incorporation of knowledge and different experiences reinforced the need to create a space that would facilitate collaboration and improve communication between the different professionals and firms that make up the group.”
Carlos Bonachera, CIO at ETL GLOBAL

Digital transformation to advance

The challenges faced by the partners and professionals of the different member firms of the ETL GLOBAL group required a digital strategy that would provide them with the right tools for day-to-day business and promote knowledge sharing. In addition, it had to improve relationships to increase business opportunities. To achieve this, it was important:

Connect 140 firms and enhance communication

. The existing communication channels made personal and professional relationships between firms difficult, as there was no unified environment for locating each other and exchanging information. Therefore, the internal communication strategy had to facilitate the flow of information between the different offices.

Facilitating access to knowledge

. Offering tools and knowledge to the group's professionals enhances their daily work, generates synergies in different specialties and allows them to take advantage of the momentum of a multinational and multidisciplinary group.

Optimize the flow of documentation

. The exchange of documents between offices and with clients used to be done through channels that did not allow an agile and controlled experience. However, the digitization of interactions makes it possible to manage the information shared in an agile, secure and collaborative way, increasing productivity.

Advantages of ETL CONNECT

Accelerators for Microsoft 365

They enhance the platform and provide improvements that are implemented very quickly.

Communication Hub

Facilitates internal communication with functionalities and statistics designed to reach the employee.

Corporate mobile app

A B2E environment with all critical content accessible from mobile.

Modern Intranet

Accelerators that enhance the Sharepoint experience and usability to make Sharepoint the center of corporate content.

Why Raona?

Raona has helped shape ETL GLOBAL’s ideas and needs and create a functional environment that fits with the partners. In addition, Raona’s communication solution allows you to focus on what you want to tell and do it in an attractive and visual way. In this way, ETL CONNECT has become the meeting point that professionals needed to generate more synergies.