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Gain a competitive advantage
with your data.

Data’s value lies in improving your company’s decision-making processes and increasing your operations’ efficiency.

What are you doing
to make the most of your data?

Efficient data organisation and accessibility are pivotal to your organisation’s digital transformation success and capability to harness its full potential.

Important data often remains hidden in emails, Excel sheets, and various documents, making locating vital information challenging. With data scattered across multiple files, how can you guarantee its accuracy and relevance when you stumble upon it?

Possessing precise and intuitive data is of paramount importance. Refining data facilitates enhanced process efficacy, bestows employees with autonomous decision-making capabilities, and renders remote work effortlessly manageable.

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Data mentoring: enhancing innovation
in the workplace smarter in 40 hours

Data Modernisation

Data Modernisation

Simplify your databases, increase the quality of your data and reports, validate your system architecture and identify opportunities for improvement.

Data stored and managed in the cloud

Data stored and managed in the cloud

Create data ecosystems and automated processes to populate your data warehouse and visualise information easily.

Dynamic reporting

Dynamic reporting

Define and validate (with Key Users) the indicators and report types to implement them in Power BI using a Scrum working model. And facilitates the understanding of the data.

Tailor-made training

Tailor-made training

Conducts regular training sessions and accompanies the development of new dashboards to resolve doubts and propose solutions (we process tripartite training for SMEs).

How can we help you?

Environments for analysis

Develop the data warehouse model, the integration processes, and the analysis reports.


Our Power BI specialists assist you with the training and improvement of end users.

Data processing evolution

Five days of 1.5-hour training for the internal systems team (and platform development) and five more for users.

Personalised learning

Establish an online learning plan based on real examples to train your employees to use the tool.

Specific and reusable content

Recorded video sessions to use as many times as you need. In addition, support documentation is included for follow-up and review of concepts.

Genius Bar

Arrange individual or small group consultations with your Power BI specialist weekly.

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Our track record, capabilities, customers and development of solutions have made us a reference partner for Microsoft.

Allow us to clarify what this means. Our extensive experience determines the most appropriate solution per your specific needs.

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