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UX & Inclusive Design

Foster the growth of your with a simple and accessible digital experience

And increase user satisfaction with a digital environment tailored to their situation.

How would you describe your user experience?

Optimising your digital environment’s user experience is crucial for ensuring efficiency and productivity. This includes intuitive access, user-friendly interfaces, and easy-to-use functionalities.”

Suppose your digital environment has a complex architecture, unappealing design, flawed search mechanisms, broken links, or needs more functional coherence. In that case, it can create a frustrating experience for your users. This can cause them to waste time and leave a negative impression of your brand.

What can you do to ensure good usability in your digital environment? At Raona, we can help you.

Enhance user experience and

Putting the user first

Understand users' needs and how they're facing problems to detect new opportunities.

Positively impactful platforms

Enhance performance by generating more positive user experiences.

Improved efficiency

Work with specialised development teams.

Tailor-made training

Our workshops are tailored to meet your needs using the most appropriate methods and tools.

Simple, straightforward, and adaptable design

Ensure that the design is WCAG-compliant (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), considering the needs of a wide range of functional users.

Inclusive Design: Make digital environments accessible to everyone

Barriers on the Internet need to be broken down for people with disabilities.

We’re expecting the Accessibility Law to pass by July 2025. After that, all companies must adapt their digital environments as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals.

As a result, your websites, apps, intranets, management software, etc., and your entire digital environment must be accessible to everyone regardless of their physical condition.

Now is the time to adapt your digital experiences and communications.

How can we help you?

UX Audit

Analyse what's wrong and determine how to increase your digital product's effectiveness, efficiency, performance, findability and consistency. Get a detailed report with improvements for your product's navigation, interaction, content and usability.

User research

Visualise the future of your products and services through research and analysis to meet your goals and your users' expectations.

ContenStrategygy and UX Writing

Adapt voice and tone across all your communication channels and create messages and content to improve the user experience.

UX/UI Design

Create a functional and tailored user experience with bespoke design systems.

Service design

Connect your business with your users to optimise processes and adapt technologies from a people-centric perspective.

Design Maturity Assessment

Detect at what point of maturity are your company's people and processes to scale your organisation's Design Culture.

User Interface & Design

Identify the design criteria that will enable your products to grow organically.

User Interface Development (Front End)

Design and layout based on user interface (UI) principles.

Branding and visual design

Establish a strong brand identity, add value to your product, and maintain visual consistency with the help of our partner McCann. Our design and layout are based on UI principles to ensure the best user experience for your customers.

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Our cutting-edge communication platform is the most distinguished within the industry, garnering accolades for its unparalleled performance and trailblazing innovation.

Intra.Net Berlin Awards

2n Best Intranet

Intra.Net Berlin Awards

Best New Intranet Internal Communication Campaign

Best UX Experience

Digital Workplace Category

Best Intranet and Digital Workplace Ferrovial

Best Intranet and Digital Workplace

Excellence in Employee Experience

Communication Awards

Intra.Net Berlin Awards

Best Digital Employee Experience

Excellence in Employee Experience

Communication Awards

Excellence in Employee Experience

Communication Awards

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