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Digital Workplace:
The journey towards digital
transformation begins from within.

Introducing the most advanced communication platform in the market.

How we work and communicate within companies has undergone a fundamental shift, and there’s no going back.

To effectively use a digital workspace, it is essential to have quick access to all of the collaborators’ daily tools, regardless of their location or time.

Raona connects individuals within your organisation and fosters more productive relationships through a customised intranet.

Are you interested in enhancing your employees’ experience?

Digital Workplace: Experience the most comprehensive
user interface by accessing all the Microsoft 365 tools
through a single communication intranet.

Time to market

Get your personalised intranet up and running in just three months.

Cloud Accelerators

We collaborate with pre-developed and successfully implemented cloud-based modules.

Agile Change

We constantly adapt the intranet to align with your business priorities.

Teamwork thinking

We engage your employees with Design Thinking, Manual Thinking, and Lego Serious Play methodologies.

Modern interface

We put your employees at the heart of your intranet with an appealing and user-friendly design.

We create the ultimate intranet with exclusive accelerators to ensure speedy and guaranteed implementation.

Improve employee engagement

Real-time information sharing

A multidirectional communication channel enables the exchange of ideas and information anytime and anywhere, ensuring efficient and effective communication in real time.

Streamline teamwork

Bring your team together in a unified work group to foster a collaborative environment to share projects and relevant documentation easily.

Boost productivity

Create streamlined work processes and leverage the full potential of the latest Microsoft 365 applications.

Explore Raona's Hubs and solutions to enhance
your Digital Workplace and customise your intranet
to fit your business requirements.

Innovation Hub

It's time to coordinate and motivate your internal innovation strategies.

Innovation Hub

An innovative platform that turns ideas into reality through crowdfunding.

Encourage and strengthen your corporate culture in a hybrid and digital work environment.
Bring your team together and foster collaboration by creating a shared workspace where you can easily exchange projects and essential documents.

For more than two decades, we have
been devoted to designing top-tier intranets
for companies around the globe.

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reduction in initial implementation costs.
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Employee Empowerment Workshops
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Employees empowered with digital solutions
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hours of development
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Experience the unparalleled power, security,
nd integration of Microsoft 365,
now with an even more impressive Modern UI.


Compatible with all mobile devices due to its responsive design.

Attractive and modern design

Tailor the latest trends to your specific requirements.

Microsoft development best practices

Implement optimised procedures for maximum performance, reliability, scalability, and security.


Featuring a responsive design that is fully compatible with all mobile devices.

Automate and control the entire development cycle.

Enjoy a fully responsive design that seamlessly adapts to any mobile device.

Intranets que inspiran en empresas de todos los sectores

Our unparalleled solutions have been honoured with highly prestigious international awards of the utmost distinction.

Intra.Net Berlin Awards

2n Best Intranet

Intra.Net Berlin Awards

Best New Intranet Internal Communication Campaign

Best UX Experience

Digital Workplace Category

Best Intranet and Digital Workplace Ferrovial

Best Intranet and Digital Workplace

Excellence in Employee Experience

Communication Awards

Intra.Net Berlin Awards

Best Digital Employee Experience

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner

Our track record, capabilities, customers and development of solutions have made us a reference partner for Microsoft.

Allow us to clarify what this means. Our extensive experience determines the most appropriate solution per your specific needs.

Partnering with the
best to deliver excellence.

Helping our customers
with The Real Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace

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Digital Workplace

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ETL CONNECT: improving communication between offices and connecting with customers

Digital Workplace

the intranet where the user is at the centre

Are you looking to boost your employees' engagement? Get in touch with us today.

Modern Workplace: Simplify your workflow with a tailor-made infrastructure designed for your Digital Workplace.