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Digital Workplace

Portal Universal: Communication and technology as drivers of cultural change

The customer and his challenge: the case of Mutua Universal

Mutua Universal is a voluntary association of companies that, since 1907 and without profit motive, offers health coverage to workers and companies in case of any eventuality.

Its mission is to ensure the health and well-being of its member companies, managing services and benefits with rigor and excellence, being committed to society and the sustainability of the system.

In 2022, the number of protected and adhered workers stood at 1,638,3631 and the number of associated companies was 157,985, while Mutua Universal’s assistance centers received 1,465,476 visits and 513,909 rehabilitation sessions and 12,975 telemedicine consultations were carried out.

The results

22,000 Employee reactions

The nearly 500,000 views of the communications in 2023 have generated a great deal of interaction, showing the interest and interaction generated internally.

2.3 Million visits

The 2,500 unique visitors to the Universal Portal's home page have accessed it an average of 5 times a day this year to consult news and search for content.

300k content searches

The quick search and advanced search have proven to be the most useful way to consult the available content, be it documents, people or applications.

910 Communications in 2023

More than 3 daily newsletters have been published, both general and by specific communities, reaching more than 2,500 employees in total.

IMm 2023 Award for Cultural Transformation

Portal Universal, Mutual Universal's Digital Workplace has been the winner of the category "Best company driving change in Cultural Transformation" at the IMm Change Management Awards 2023.

User oriented

The User Centric approach of Raona's accelerators is key to creating a Digital Workplace focused on their needs and helping them develop their capabilities.

“Betting on communication as one of the basic pillars of the Employee Experience focuses us on being close to their interests and actively listening to allow us to lead a cultural change that is close to everyone.”
Eulàlia Feliu, Internal Communication

Modern Workplace by Raona

Mutua Universal, aware of the necessary transformation of organizations in the digital era, advocates having a Digital Workplace that enhances collaboration, productivity, communication and transparency and, digital culture being one of the key enablers, moving towards a social space that allows the corporate culture to materialize among employees.

Focused communication

. The new Internal Communication environment makes it possible to make corporate news visible, but also to segment content by Communities of interest topics.

Participatory social intranet

. The possibility of interacting with content through comments and reactions enhances feedback and the commitment to open content generation.

Content and search center

. All applications, content and documents on the Intranet are easily accessible and findable to perform the necessary actions agilely.

Advantages Mutua Universal

Accelerators for Microsoft 365

Extend the platform's potential by providing enhancements that are quickly deployed

Communication Hub

Internal communication center, with functionalities and statistics designed to reach employees

Corporate mobile app

A B2E environment that brings all relevant content to mobile so you don't miss anything important.

Modern Intranet

Accelerators that enhance the Sharepoint experience and usability, making it the center of corporate content.

Why Raona?

Raona has worked with us to create a dynamic Workplace that facilitates daily work and allows us to stay connected. Listening to employee feedback is as important as communicating well, and now we have channels to do it.