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Unique and innovative technology
solutions that ensure success.

At Raona, we excel in designing and perfecting innovative technological solutions in the industry, thanks to our exclusive accelerators.

Our unique accelerators guarantee the success of your project with our customised technological solutions.

Over 300 successful projects delivered to clients across various sectors.

+ Our track record includes over 18 international awards.

Over 300,000 users have gone digital with our solutions.

The Real Digital Workplace: The market's
most advanced single
communication platform.

Digital Workplace

Maximise engagement, boost productivity and streamline your employees’ work with our cutting-edge communication platform – the most advanced solution on the market.

Digital Adoption

Centralise all your knowledge, foster digital habits, and empower your employees to thrive.

Paperless Solution

A fully integrated, paperless and automated work environment powered by Microsoft 365.

Innovation Hub

Encouraging and coordinating innovation within your company is vital to new project creation. Discover how we integrate gamification and internal crowdfunding with your collaborators to foster a culture of innovation.

Collaboration Hub

Ensuring order and security in communication and collaboration platforms across diverse and ever-changing work environments remains a top priority for the companies of tomorrow.

Communication Hub

The location of your employees is no longer a barrier to strengthening your company's corporate culture. Instead, improving engagement and employee experience can unify your team and foster a shared corporate identity.

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