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PaperLess Now

Eliminate the hassle of paper in your daily routine

Effortlessly manage all your documents anytime and anywhere.

Switching to a paperless operation is challenging but rewarding for any company.

While transitioning to a digital format, businesses face hurdles such as duplicated information, data and document loss, access issues, and disorganisation.

We offer a paperless solution that allows you to seamlessly transition to a digital workflow and revolutionise your business operations.

Paperless Now: Transform your paper documents into a secure and easily manageable digital format within a month with our cutting-edge governance strategy.

Revamp your document lifecycle

Streamline your document management
process and minimise errors.

Boost productivity and accelerate your work processes

Enhance efficiency and eliminate needless administrative tasks with our customised workflows and integrations.

Cloud-based document management

Preserve your documents indefinitely and avoid the risk of loss with our advanced document management system. Classify your documents using taxonomy, indexing, and associated metadata, and entrust them to our expert file managers for safekeeping.

Streamlines the document process

Track every step of your document lifecycle, from receipt to destruction, with our comprehensive system. Keep tabs on original requests, expiry dates, and certified destruction for complete peace of mind.

Revolutionise your business operations
with Paperless Now.

Cut down your paper costs by 32%

Say goodbye to cluttered shelves, cabinets, and physical files, and free up valuable space.

Save up to 200 working hours per year

Empower your employees to focus on the most critical tasks.

Mitigate the risk of document loss by up to 77%.

Don't let the lack of control and automation in your document management process lead to document loss.

Wondering How to
Implement a Paperless Strategy?


Designing the new digital lifecycle of your documents

We define the document management process with you.

We organise them by category and establish access policies for security control.


Creation of the digital document management site

We configure Microsoft 365 applications and install accelerators to customise your workflows and adapt them to your needs.

Our cloud-based solution can store all your documents in one location.


Switching to the new digital model

We accompany and train the person in charge of the Wizard for fast document loading.

We review the processes and configuration for end users.

And we carry out a comprehensive test to validate the new digital lifecycle.


Launch the new digital lifecycle

As a final step, we provide training on how to use the new document search, management, and retrieval tools and help your employees adjust to the changes.

Our solutions have enabled these clients to go completely paperless, increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Do you want a secure, flexible solution for accessing company files wherever you are?

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