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Generative Artificial Intelligence


We know what AI strategy is driving corporations into the future.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence

We know what AI strategy is driving corporations into the future.
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Boosts productivity and fosters creativity
Your new companion to help you with everyday Microsoft tasks.

Artificial Intelligence the main ally to generate business value
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Generative Artificial Intelligence represents one of the most promising technological advances of our era. Its ability to autonomously create, modify and adapt content based on existing patterns and data opens up a vast horizon of opportunities in diverse fields, from design and production to process optimization and decision making.

Future corporations already use Generative AI

Some benefits with Corporate IAGen

Are you not betting on the 4th technological revolution?

We are Practitioners
we already know where to start.

Focused on 3 services


Productivity in Any Corporate Area

Our experience in optimizing productivity spans several corporate areas. We implement adoption strategies to ensure that the technological solutions in Generative AI are effectively used, thus improving productivity in the organization as a whole.

MVP's (Minimum Viable Products)

Rapid Transformation in a Specific Problem or Area

Through MVP's, we offer agile solutions for rapid transformation in specific areas..

We have Golden Cases specific for sectors such as healthcare or tourism. Chatbots specific tours or audioguides that adapt to any public are some examples. Ask us and we will explain in detail.


Technical Basis for Integral Performance

Taxonomy: We establish a solid taxonomic structure for the efficient organization and classification of information.

Landing Zones : We create safe and efficient landing environments for technology implementations.

Security : We implement robust security measures to protect digital assets.

Costs: We optimize the costs associated with technology, ensuring efficient and sustainable financial management.

Adopting Generative AI is the key to the future
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1. Start implementation in our internal processes

To improve the daily lives of all employees, we then focus on prioritizing improvements that impact customers. In this way, we address internal risks first.

2. Focus adoption from the core of the corporation.

To ensure familiarity and confidence in the technology.

3. Increasing productivity and value added

By automating routine tasks, thus generating confidence in our collaborators with respect to Generative Artificial Intelligence.

4. Approach the digital transition in a gradual manner and applied to employees

It will ensure a smooth and positive transition. This is achieved by initially focusing on those employees directly affected by the implementation.

AI Workshops
Transform your company with Generative Artificial Intelligence

An immersion in the integration and application of AI. Ideal for entrepreneurs and professionals

looking to lead digital transformation and innovation in their organizations.

See our Golden Cases

IA Generativa | Tour por Barcelona | Raona

Descubre cómo la IA Generativa puede llevarnos en un sorprendente viaje visual por la ciudad de Barcelona.

Generative AI Webinar
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Explorando el Potencial de la Inteligencia Artificial en el Turismo



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