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oneHUB: Revolutionizing the digital employee experience

The customer and his challenge: the case of Aeropuertos Argentina

Aeropuertos Argentina was established in 1998 to manage and operate 35 air terminals within the Argentine national territory. Today it has more than 2,800 employees.

Through the commitment and values of its human capital, the company connects the country with the world, operating 90% of the Argentine commercial air traffic. It also contributes to the social, economic and cultural development of the country, becoming a regional and international reference in the airport industry.

Aeropuertos Argentina is focused on the customer experience and on modernizing, transforming and expanding the infrastructure and services of air terminals to connect communities through an efficient and sustainable network, while preserving the environment.

The results


With 40 new job openings, we have found an effective way to retain talent. Challenging employees boosts their growth, motivation and satisfaction.


It has started with 2 audiences, but will be expanded according to demand, allowing the display of specific information tailored to the needs of each audience.


The quick search and advanced search have proven to be the most useful way to consult the available content, be it documents, people or applications.

“Our group has taken a qualitative leap forward with a more advanced and efficient digital environment, which improves our collaborators’ experience, accessibility, collaboration and communication. The incorporation of Viva Engage has boosted our communication channel, creating a more dynamic and participative interaction space. Thus, we fulfill our vision of bringing our team closer and connecting, strengthening the bonds of our culture and purpose.”
Ezequiel Vera, Communication and Employee Experience Manager

Communication and technology as drivers of cultural change

Aeropuertos Argentina is committed to a Digital Workplace that drives significant improvements in the work experience by centralizing resources, strengthening internal communication and optimizing access to external applications and corporate content. These measures seek to create a more cohesive and efficient work environment for all employees.



Ease of use and adoption

. The usability of the Intranet environments guaranteed a fast learning curve for users, coupled with Raona's expertise in Digital Adoption methods.

Deployment speed (T2M)

. Having your own accelerator such as Communication Hub allows you to deploy the solution in a very short time and dedicate your efforts to adapt it to the customer's needs.

Accumulated experience

. This solution has been previously deployed in dozens of customers previously, guaranteeing the best practices learned and the future evolution of the components used.

oneHUB Advantages

Simplifying the experience

The distribution of benefits and valuable employee information in various external systems made it difficult to access and use.

Strengthening corporate values

To promote, through internal communication, the dissemination of the company's mission and values, and to encourage the active participation of employees.

Unify information

Improving the employee experience requires bringing together content and personnel applications in an organized way, creating an integrated view.

Why Raona?

Raona has worked with us to create a dynamic Workplace that facilitates daily work and allows us to stay connected.