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Digital Workplace

neXe: Communication and technology as drivers of cultural change

The customer and his challenge: the case of Fira Barcelona

Fira Barcelona, with more than a century of history, is the leading trade fair organization in the Spanish market and one of the most important in Europe, especially in professional and industrial shows. Every year it organizes and hosts more than 250 events in various sectors and brings together more than 30,000 direct and indirect companies and more than 2.5 million visitors from all over the world.

It is an important economic and social engine, and its annual contribution to the economy of the city of Barcelona and its surroundings is estimated at more than 4,700 million euros and more than 35,000 jobs.

The institution has three venues, Montjuïc, Gran Via and CCIB, with a total gross exhibition area of more than 500,000 m².

In addition, its commitment to sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) reflects its vision of a more responsible and equitable future.

The results

540 Tiles marked as favorites

539 users have accessed at least one tile. In addition, 540 tiles have been marked as favorites, indicating an increase in the use of these tools.

716k communication views

The number of communication views has reached 716,000. 100% of communications have received likes or comments.

362k visits to the home page

A total of 564 unique visitors have accessed the Home page to consult news and search for content.

“Betting on User Experience (UX) optimization and content organization is crucial. An intuitive and structured interface makes it easier for users to find relevant information, which strengthens collaboration and productivity.”
Anna Font Tatxé, Director of Technology

Modern Workplace by Raona

Fira Barcelona, aware of the importance of fluid communication and effective collaboration among its teams, is committed to a Digital Workplace that optimizes the user experience, promoting the active participation of employees and strengthening the internal synergy of the organization.

Content and search center

. All applications, content and documents on the Intranet are easily accessible and findable to perform the necessary actions agilely.

Focused Communication

. The new Internal Communication environment allows for the visibility of corporate news and the segmentation of content by Communities of interest topics.

Participatory social intranet

. The possibility of interacting with content through comments and reactions enhances feedback and the commitment to open content generation.

Advantages Fira Barcelona

Accelerators for Microsoft 365

Extend the platform's potential by providing enhancements that are quickly deployed

Communication Hub

Internal communication center, with functionalities and statistics designed to reach employees

Corporate mobile app

A B2E environment that brings all relevant content to mobile so you don't miss anything important.

Modern Intranet

Accelerators that enhance the Sharepoint experience and usability, making it the center of corporate content.

Why Raona?

The User Centric approach of Raona’s accelerators is key to creating a Digital Workplace focused on their needs and helping them develop their capabilities.