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BPA with Power Platform

Zurich: Deploys Power Platform for Commercial Network

The customer and his challenge: the case of Zurich

With more than 130 years of experience, Zurich Seguros is the leading company in Spain, with a proven track record in the national insurance market. Zurich has 1.5 million customers and more than 2,000 employees in Spain, consolidating its position as a leader in solidity and solvency in the main rankings of the national market.

The basis of its prestige lies in a combination of success: a highly professional work style and collaboration with the best agents and brokers in the sector. These mediators are irreplaceable, key players in the relationship and advice to its customers in Spain.

Zurich is also a leader and benchmark in insurance for large companies, experts in insurance services for large corporations and SMEs in Spain. The high levels of growth and retention and the satisfaction of its customers throughout its history corroborate the soundness of its technical and financial strategy.

The results

80% Adjustment of forecasts

The accuracy of Zurich's forecasting of payout targets has been improved by the ability to better analyze performance and communicate it to underwriters.

10-day Refresher Cycle

An automated calculation period has been generated to provide each partner's business data reviewed on a month-by-month basis so that they can act as soon as possible.

1 month of Compensation Payments

It has been reduced from the 5 to 6 months previously needed to calculate and pay commissions to each representative, with a much shorter and more satisfactory cycle for all.

“The insurance business is a mediated business, and therefore streamlining and improving service and communication with our commercial network is a key objective for us as a company. Developing this new platform based on the latest Microsoft technologies has streamlined the management of information with all partners and allows us to provide them with useful information to improve the service we offer to the market.”
Gonzalo Salle, Head of Sales Governance & Controlling

Technology: Microsoft Power Platform

Zurich’s close relationship with its commercial network is based on trust and the exchange of information, facilitating better service and the achievement of both parties’ business objectives. Automating and reducing the period for updating this data speeds up decision making and achieves better results.

Business consulting

. Raona brings the ability to analyze the client's business and help define the model that allows to take advantage of the available information.

Focus on user experience

. The success of Power BI reports lies largely in making them user friendly and usable. Raona has UX experts who ensure this goal and deliver a satisfying user experience.

Accumulated experience

. Raona's knowledge and success stories implementing business solutions with Microsoft PowerPlatform have been key to orient the solution to the client's needs.

Zurich Advantages

Power BI

It offers the possibility of creating reports from heterogeneous data sources and facilitates collaboration on indicators among users.

Azure Data Factory

It processes data from Zurich's corporate systems to validate and complete them, creating robust and related values that facilitate the interpretation of indicators.

PowerApps and Power Automate

They allow you to enter additional business data to parameterize the calculations for each partner and automate the generation of reports without IT intervention.

Why Raona?

Raona has helped to make tangible in modern and easy-to-use tools the change needs that the business required.