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Eduardo Moreno
| 13 June, 2024

Although there is still no method to switch subscriptions with a button click,

In the fast-paced world of technology, companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their cloud operations, both in terms of cost and efficiency. One opportunity that many might be overlooking is migrating from an Azure Pay-As-You-Go subscription to a subscription under the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model. Here’s why and how you should consider this change:

Why Migrate to CSP?

  • Optimized Costs: With CSP, companies can enjoy a more favorable pricing structure, with significant discounts compared to standard Pay-As-You-Go rates.
  • Personalized Support: By migrating to CSP, you’ll have access to personalized technical and billing support, ensuring an experience tailored to your business’s specific needs.
  • Simplified Billing: Manage your Azure expenses more efficiently with a consolidated invoice for all your cloud services.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: CSP subscriptions allow you to quickly adjust resources according to your project’s needs, offering greater flexibility and scalability.

Steps for Migration

  1. Assessment: First, take an inventory of your current Azure resources and evaluate your specific needs.
  2. Choose a CSP Partner: Select a reliable CSP provider (like us!) who understands your requirements and can offer a smooth transition.
  3. Pre-Migration Optimization: Work with your partner to optimize your resources and ensure you’re maximizing your cloud investment, as well as simplifying the migration and potential errors. Unused virtual machines, unnecessary App Insights, outdated alerts, etc.
  4. Migration Planning: Together with your CSP partner, develop a migration plan that minimizes disruptions to your operations. The development and pre-production environments should always be moved first, and then production, based on the data and warnings obtained.
  5. Execution: Move your resources from Azure Pay-As-You-Go to your new CSP subscription following the established plan.


Migrating from Pay-As-You-Go to CSP may seem challenging, but with the right partner (like us!), it’s a transition that can result in significant savings and an improved cloud management experience.

Are you ready to take the step and optimize your cloud infrastructure with a CSP subscription? Contact us to get started!

    Eduardo Moreno

    Consultant specialized in Microsoft 365 and Azure, expert in cloud infrastructure and migrations, committed to the digital transformation of companies.

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