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Excel: The Low Code Tool for Excellence

Picture of David Solsona Font
David Solsona Font
| 10 June, 2024

Can Excel be considered Low Code?

Excel is often not recognized as a Low Code tool, however, it deserves to be highlighted as such. Excel’s flexibility has allowed users to perform complex tasks such as capturing information, handling algorithms, and generating reports without needing advanced programming skills. This makes the user a “Citizen Developer”, someone who, without being a programmer, uses Low Code tools to create business solutions.

Excel: The Preferred Front-end for Data Capture

Excel shines as an interface for data capture, particularly with information matrices. To maintain organization and efficiency, it is essential to name each individual cell and structure matrix data into clearly defined tables.

Security and Control in Excel

It is crucial to protect Excel sheets so that users can modify the data but not the underlying structure. This ensures the integrity of the document and prevents unauthorized errors or manipulations.

Improving Efficiency with PowerQuery

PowerQuery is a powerful tool for data processing within Excel. Although traditional formulas and the VLOOKUP function are useful, PowerQuery offers a more advanced and efficient way to prepare and analyze data for its final use in PowerBI.

Effective Storage in SharePoint

Saving Excel files in SharePoint and using metadata appropriately facilitates the integration and analysis of data from multiple files. PowerQuery becomes an essential tool in this process.

Creating and Using Templates in Excel

Creating custom templates and storing them in SharePoint, combined with the use of PowerAutomate to direct the workflow and share links, optimizes the collaborative process within the company. This should always be done under the guidelines of the company’s security policy, and Excel files should never be sent as email attachments to avoid security risks.While Excel is not recommended for all business solutions, identifying when and how it can be useful will allow companies to make the most of this tool without falling into the inconveniences that could arise from its inappropriate use.Do you want to know more details about how you can use the Excel tool in LowCode? Let’s talk!

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