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Save administrative work with Low Code in Power Platform

Picture of David Solsona Font
David Solsona Font
| 11 June, 2024

Surely in your day-to-day life, you have a series of administrative, repetitive tasks that you consider a waste of time, such as storing emails and uploading attachments to the document repository, among others.

Power Platform Solutions

Power Platform offers you the possibility to automate all these tasks in a simple way, from using templates with the most common tasks to small no-code developments, advancing day by day and at your own pace in the automation of your processes.

Power Automate in the Cloud

With Power Automate in the cloud, you can:

  • Efficient email management: Read emails as they arrive and save their attachments.
  • Intelligent classification: Detect the type of file received to know where to place it or perform a particular action.
  • Workflows: Send approvals when a new file is uploaded to SharePoint.
  • Communication control: Request read receipts or confirmations in emails and store them in a control list.

Power Automate Desktop

If you need to work with desktop applications, Power Automate Desktop allows you to:

  • Data entry: Enter data into desktop applications like ERP, CRM from an Excel file.
  • Web interaction: Navigate web portals or web applications to interact, download files, and classify them.
  • Local document management: Handle local or network files when storage is not in the cloud.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

And thanks to Microsoft’s commitment to AI in all its products, it is possible to use Copilot to assist you in developing your utilities and AI Builder to read, interpret, and generate actions from the information extracted from your work documents and received or necessary to classify.

Do you want to know more details about how you can use the Power Platform tool in LowCode? Let’s talk!

    David Solsona Font

    I help companies to digitize their business processes taking full advantage of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, merging my passion for technology with the satisfaction of meeting business needs.

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