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APPINstore: Improving the shopping experience

El cliente y su reto: el caso de Arredo

Arredo is a family project founded more than 40 years ago that specializes in the manufacture and marketing of household products.

Currently, its proposal is available in Argentina, with more than 70 physical stores; and in Uruguay, with 13. It also has online stores in both countries. Under the slogan “creating home”, Arredo seeks to enrich and care for the idea of home from the warmth, the experience of well-being, the connection between the people who live there, the link with their objects, with the surrounding community and with the planet.

In Arredo, more than 700 people are dedicated daily to strengthen the pillars of the brand: innovation, awareness, experience and inclusive community.


The results


Thanks to APPINstore, 70% of sales are initiated by its use. This has significantly reduced checkout time and customer waiting time.


Of this 70%, 15% are transactions carried out entirely in the APPINstore, without customers passing through the cash register at the end of the process.


Arredo has become a benchmark in the household products industry in Argentina, with more than 70 physical stores throughout the country.

“APPINstore adds a layer of intelligence to our teams, ag, ilizing the sales process. This allows us to provide a personalized experience and allows our employees to focus on what technology cannot provide: empathy, warmth and human contact.”
Christian Finkelstein, Director Comercial

The technology: Web & Mobile Development

Arredo is committed to an innovative digital ecosystem that transforms the shopping experience in physical stores. The new point of sale and mobile application streamline the shopping process, reducing waiting times and offering a more personalized experience. In addition, employees have the possibility of monitoring their performance in real time in relation to sales objectives, thus contributing to their professional development and the achievement of organizational goals.

Business consulting

. Raona brings the ability to analyze the client's business and help define the model that allows to take advantage of the available information.

Focus on user experience

. The success of APPINstore lies largely in making the user find it friendly and usable. Raona has UX experts who ensure this goal and deliver a satisfactory user experience.

User Centric Experience

. The User Centric approach is key to creating an application that facilitates better service and the achievement of business objectives.

APPINstore Advantages

Hybrid experience

Transformation of the purchasing process towards a model where the combination of the virtual and the physical redefines the consumer's interaction with products.

Market adaptation

Changing consumer demands based on generating an emotional connection to maintain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Strengthening links

Importance of employees knowing the brand's value proposition to improve customer loyalty through technology.

Why Raona?

Raona has worked with us to create a dynamic application that facilitates our daily work and allows us to stay connected.