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Digital Adoption

Ecoembes : creates a Digital Adoption Office

The customer and his challenge: the case of Ecoembes

Ecoembes is a non-profit organization that manages waste recycling, coordinating all the actors involved in the waste management cycle to optimize reuse and recycling.

Since 1996, they have been promoting environmental awareness to make recycling a daily habit among the Spanish population, contributing to the care of the environment by promoting the circularity of packaging through its reduction, reuse and recycling.

It currently has more than 200 employees, with such a large number of workers and the constant technological transformation requires enhancing the digital capabilities of employees through effective and appropriate practices for each profile. How could they achieve this? Through Raona’s Digital Adoption accelerator, with the objective of incorporating a closer adoption for employees.

The results

+100% Participation in activities

Improvements in the practices and topics offered have doubled the number of participants in the activities planned for adoption.

+20% Advanced use of Microsoft 365

The effective use of advanced tools such as Power BI or Planner has increased thanks to the adoption actions planned to meet the demands received.

+300% Requests Received

The Adoption Office's attention to real needs has generated three times as many requests from employees to meet their demands for specific actions.

“Ecoembes’ commitment to Digital Adoption is a firm commitment to the professional growth of our employees.”
Manuel de Arcocha Torres, Technology Director, Ecoembes

Digital Adoption by Raona

The challenges faced by the partners and professionals of Ecoembes’ different member firms required a digital strategy that would provide them with the right tools for day-to-day operations and promote knowledge sharing. In addition, it had to improve relationships to increase business opportunities. To achieve this, it was important:

Practices catalog

. Activities and actions have been created to match adoption initiatives to the digital capabilities to be developed in employees to improve the use of their Digital Workplace.

Digital Adoption Office

. The office is the visible and proactive face that channels employee proposals to materialize them and follows up with those responsible for the Adoption process.

Strategic Action Plan

. The Office coordinates the strategies that have been designed at the executive level to trigger timely actions and achieve alignment of the adoption process with the company's digital investments.

Ecoembes Advantages

Discovery of Initiatives

Unify strategic priorities and employee demands to establish the guidelines for the Adoption process.

Digital Adoption Office

Coordinates selected initiatives to activate them together with key users and ambassadors from the different areas.

Board of Initiatives

Corporate sharing of the company's Adoption priorities and improvement actions.

Practices and methods

Implement the necessary actions to achieve the objectives of learning and improvement of employees' Digital Skills.

Why Raona?

Raona has enabled us to drive the adoption of key digital initiatives for Ecoembes. Employee satisfaction with the actions carried out shows us the importance of having a dynamic and participatory process.