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Infrastructure & Cloud

Gesdocument: Outsource IT through a digital strategy

The client and his challenge: the case of Gesdocument

Gesdocument is the leading consulting firm in business advisory services for SMEs, formed by a team of more than 350 professionals located in offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Zaragoza.
professionals located in offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Zaragoza.

More than 4,200 companies rely on Gesdocument, who adjust their traditional services to the current environment, characterized by its high connectivity and complexity.

With a national presence, Gesdocument is committed to the systematization and security of work processes. This makes them stand out in the sector, made up, for the most part, of small and medium-sized professional offices, with local influence and a traditional way of working.

The results


During the first quarter of 2024, new management processes have been incorporated into the service to meet the large growth in the number of employees during this period.


In 2024, we have initiated strategic projects aimed at sustaining corporate growth by providing employees with better tools.


The volume of incidents and requests has been reduced, thanks to a proactive approach to process optimization, prioritizing employee satisfaction.

“Gesdocument has made a qualitative leap with the outsourcing of the IT team, whose services have transformed the experience of our users and the efficiency of our operations. This outsourcing has boosted our operational and technological capacity, giving us access to a specialized team and innovative solutions. Together, we have created a space for collaboration and growth where technology drives our vision of leadership and excellence in an increasingly competitive and digitized business environment.”
David Quesada Navarro, Director of Information Technologies

IT outsourcing for an agile digital infrastructure

Gesdocument is committed to an IT outsourcing service that boosts operational efficiency by modernizing technology and optimizing resources. These measures seek to create an agile digital infrastructure, capable of adapting to changing market demands and guaranteeing scalability and performance.

Leadership strategy

. Leading the sector through a growth strategy that requires technological renovation , with the objective of improving efficiency and competitiveness.

Align business objectives

. Ensure that technology investments go hand in hand with the company's business objectives and effectively contribute to the achievement of short-term goals.

Structure the IT team

. Optimize the IT structure, assign roles and responsibilities, and ensure that the team possesses the right skills to meet technology challenges.

Gesdocument Advantages

A global IT management service

Ensures business continuity, employee productivity and continuous improvement.

Employee adoption plan

In the use of new tools to ensure their technological adoption.

Optimal operation of the entire technology platform under a managed service

With 4 fundamental pillars: evolution, adoption, automation and security.

Why Raona?

Raona has helped us to optimize our resources and processes through the outsourcing of IT services, providing expertise and solutions for our technological needs.