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Communication Hub

OneK: Materializes the corporate culture in tools that make daily work easier

The customer and his challenge: the case of Grupo Indurken

Grupo Indukern is a business group that operates internationally in the human (Kern Pharma) and animal (Calier) health sectors with the purpose of working for a single health: One Health.

Since its origin in 1962, the Indukern Group has been committed to society and, while remaining true to its values, has been able to grow, evolve, diversify its range of products and internationalize. Thus, its vocation as a family company and its commitment to the quality of its products and services have allowed it to improve and grow day by day.

The group is headquartered in Terrassa (Barcelona) and is present in the world’s main markets, both through its own facilities and through subsidiaries and distributors. Its activity ranges from product development to manufacturing and marketing, with a turnover of 355 million euros in 2022.

However, with more than 1,400 employees worldwide, organizational changes and the diversity of profiles required a new communication and interaction experience with corporate news that would connect with all employees. How could they achieve this? Through a Digital Workplace with Intranet and mobile application focused on internal communication, designed for employees and with the objective of creating a shared vision of the corporate culture and facilitating access to all content: OneK.

The results

600 unique visitors per day

Employees access content on a regular and recurring basis to learn about company news.

62 % of news with interaction

Employees participate in internal communication and generate interactions with the content by contributing their point of view.

500 corporate documents

The different areas of the group can publish and share documents with the rest of the organization in a way that is easy and accessible to all.

88 % of employees have access

Accessing content via mobile makes it easier for employees who work without a computer to view it.

1st Prize for the "Best internal communication campaign".

OneK, the Indukern Group's Modern Workplace, was the winner of the Intranet Reloaded 2023 competition in Berlin.

360° Communication

The direct, two-way connection with all employees facilitates an attractive and relevant internal communication for their day-to-day work.

“Communicating with employees is a daily challenge that requires perseverance and imagination. Therefore, having modern tools that make it easy is essential. At Grupo Indukern we have taken a great leap to regenerate a shared culture and we will continue to develop communication as a fundamental pillar to foster pride in being part of a leading and innovative company.”
Alba Alagón, Indukern Group Communications Manager

Conectar con los empleados

The existence of several brands in the group and organizational changes made it impossible to foster a shared corporate identity. This, together with the difficulty of access for production employees who worked without computers and the dissemination of dispersed information, required multichannel communication capable of generating a sense of belonging and highlighting the value of accumulated experience. To this end, it was important:

Unify the employee experience

. Offer the same content and interaction experience on desktop and mobile to make information more accessible to everyone.

Create a sense of belonging

. Display the group's vision and values in an attractive way to increase pride and recognition of corporate achievements.

Empowering employees

. Put all the information needed for day-to-day work at employees' fingertips and enhance simplicity and agility in daily work.

Advantages of OneK

Accelerators for Microsoft 365

They enhance the platform and provide improvements that are implemented very quickly.

Communication Hub

Facilitates internal communication with functionalities and statistics designed to reach the employee.

Corporate mobile app

A B2E environment with all critical content accessible from mobile.

Modern Intranet

Accelerators that enhance the Sharepoint experience and usability to make Sharepoint the center of corporate content.

Why Raona?

The User Centric approach of Raona’s accelerators matched the vision that Indukern Group wanted for its new Digital Workplace. In this way, Raona has helped create a Workplace for employees that makes it easier for them to work and stay connected.